Why You Should:

This as about Jack. When he was 9 years old he was taken to visit his uncle. He was looking forward to it.

But his uncle had some friends and they all had their turn with him that weekend. Jack now dreaded weekends in case he was taken to see his uncle again. Crying, sore and confused he was forced to promise never to tell.

At school, he could not talk about what he had been doing most weekends. His school friends began to think he was odd, the teachers thought he was quiet.

As an adult, Jack has had great difficulty trusting people and forming close relationships. He thinks he is worthless. Why else would his family have sexually abused him over and over again? He finds daily living tortuous and would often harm himself.

At the Haven, he finally found a place where he mattered- where his recovery was valued and he made progress. If you think Jack and people like him have already suffered enough you can help sustain his recovery. A gift of just £5.00 would help to support the group work and individual support essential for his recovery.

86% of Haven clients have a similar history to Jack.

One of many!

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How You Can: If you want to donate please follow the PayPal button at the bottom of the page.

If you have any ideas about fundraising for us please contact us. There are many different ways you can help us which will potentially raise a lot of money and will be great fun for you to organize and to take part in  .

    • £5 can provide support on the phone when someone might be tempted to self-harm or overdose: You can prevent it
    • £15 provides a recovery group session which helps people to recognize their difficulties and find positive ways to deal with them with help from other clients: You can support it!
    • £35 gives someone a chance to heal the deeper wounds left by the past through 1:1 therapy sessions: You can make it happen!

To donate, please click the PayPal button and enter an amount. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOW A CHARITY 1169747

This means that your donation is open to gift aid if you are a taxpayer (this includes many pensioners).

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Thank you to Essex Community Foundation for funding us these past two years, with £8,000 and £20,000 respectively and to the Big Lottery who has allowed us bring forward much needed money to this year (£50,000)

We have recently received a further £78,000 per year for three years from the Big Lottery. We are very grateful for their unstinting support.

We have also started contracted work with MNEMIND at the Crisis Cafe in Clacton and Colchester which brings in £25,000.

Finally we are due to start a new collaboration with the Trust around discharge.  All very exciting.


Don’t forget you can get the app and sign up for the Haven when you shop – we are on Give as you Live and Easyfundraising. Businesses that will donate a % of your purchases include Amazon and eBay as well as many retailers . I am on a pre-loaded Tesco card (earning 5% for the Haven every time I shop).

Please google Give as You Live. Enter “The Haven Project” in the search space and you can then go shopping on all the sites available: You pay the same. The shop pays us a % . What is not to like!! Do it NOW.

Or you can type in Easyfundraising. Enter “The Haven Project” as the cause you want to support  and go shopping. You pay the same – the shop pays us.  Still nothing not to like  Do it now if you have not already joined Give as You Live.   All can be used for online buying!

ALSO: everyone can help by downloading the app for Easy Fundraising and Give as You Live.  This will generate income for us at no cost to you. We are on both of these sites and there a good offers across the board of supermarkets, department stores, travel, insurance and switching energy suppliers, and much more. Have a look for yourself and see how much you can raise without any cost to you. Please share this information as widely as possible !!

The link below will take you straight to Easyfundraising; For Give as you Live search “The Haven Project” and set up your account.