The Staff Team

Our staff team is small but we are effective:

Pernille Petersen MBE- CEO.

Arunima Roy – Administrator.

Kate Sanderson- Finance Officer.

Ellie Rose- Crisis Prevention Worker.

Tony King -Crisis Prevention Worker and Outreach

Ashleigh Rudd – Facilitator for the Zoom and live groups, bank for Crisis Prevention.


The Board:

Kaoru McGee – Trustee

Aurelia Milner -(Chair)  

Carolyn Mann- Trustee

Tribhuwan Singh – Trustee

Julie Hexley- Client Representative (elected).

We are recruiting new trustees please call Pernille on 01206 572215. An open day for prospective trustees is being planned.

The Clients:

Julie Hexley, Chair of HCAG re-elected 31/12/19

 Rebecca King, Deputy Chair of HCAG elected 31/12/19


Animal Companions:

Risby – Project Mascot (it is me in the photo!)

Risby The Dog