What the experts Say:

“I was always impressed by the Haven Project and believed it to be one of the best treatment options for Personality Disorder.” Dr Beta Paskova, Consultant Psychiatrist at the Severe Personality Disorder Unit at Springbank, Fullbourne Hospital in Cambridge.

“The project has been doing some exceptional work.” Chief medical Officer Dame Sally Davies.

“The Chief Constable is very supportive of the important service you provide in helping to reduce reoffending rates in Essex.” The Chief Constable’s Office in reply to appeal.

“Without facilities such as the Haven, people with severe personality disorder will go back to being marginalised, excluded and with no access to appropriate clinical provision.” Dr Rex Haigh, Consultant Psychiatrist in Medical Psychotherapy; Project Lead Enabling Environments, Royal College of Psychiatrists Centre for Quality Improvement.

What people say:

“It’s a place I feel safe when the world feels like it is crumbling around me.” Client.

“I do Life Skills and Wellbeing groups and also the one day at the weekend. I have learnt a good bit from these groups.I try to practice what I have learnt. Life is now getting back on track and I am beginning to feel well.” Gary B, client.

“My mental state was poor and I was at a loss what to do. The Haven has helped me on many occasions; if it were not for the support I have had, I don’t think I would be here today and my children would have been without their mother.” Beverley H, client.

“Before the Haven I had nothing, I could not go out, I could not get on a bus or a train. I was unable to cope with life at all, but now I can and life is good again.” Val D, client.

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