The Staff Team

Our staff team is small but we are effective:

Pernille Petersen MBE- Project Manager.

Sue Gathercole- Recovery and Therapeutic Support Worker.

Jayne Caplin – Administrator.

Yvonne Hall- Finance Officer.

Ellie Rose- Crisis Prevention Worker.

Tony King -Crisis Prevention Worker.

Martin Pender- Crisis Prevention Worker (bank).

Susie Rosenwald – Crisis Prevention Worker (bank).

Zaneta Daniel-Inglis- Crisis Prevention Worker (bank)


The Board:

David Wrathall ( Acting Chair)

Sir Bob Russell

Nigel Tweed

David Wrathall

Kaoru McGee

Florence Leader

Professor Sheldon Leader

Lynn Thomas

Aurelia Milner

Alf Mullins

Jim Addison.

Julile Hexley, client representative.


The Clients:

Julie Hexley, Chair of HCAG

Beverley Newall  Deputy Chair of HCAG


Pauline Cook – Qualified and Voluntary Therapist (Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Reiki and now visualization before groups).

Animal Companions:

Risby – Project Mascot (it is me in the photo!)

Risby The Dog