The Haven welcomes visitors who want to see the project and find out more about it. It is important that you make an appointment before you arrive. A visit to the Haven includes a tour of the project and the opportunity to meet with staff and clients. You can ask questions and we can arrange for your participation in our activities if you have a special project you are involved with or if you wish to fundraise for us. For more information about this see also the fundraising page.

David B  visiting Occupational Therapist: Visited 30.1.2018

“I was made to feel very welcome at the project and given an in depth introduction as to what was available.  The group (I was attending) was open, honest and relaxing. People were able to express themselves and have opinions listened to. (The most important thing I learnt was …) the benefits of an open and relaxed group environment (therapeutic community).”

Zoe Dodd Mental Health Nurse student : Visited 7.7. 2017:

I felt very welcome from the minute I arrived and was given a comprehensive informative view of the Haven . It was really beneficial to gain and understanding of the project and how it is funded. The topic (of the group session) was relevant but gravitated towards what the group wanted to talk about which was great as it flowed naturally and was client led.(The most valuable thing I learnt was …) Seeing the immense benefit the project has but also understanding the long term benefits for the mental health and wellbeing of the client group to the project.”