The Haven welcomes visitors who want to see the project and find out more about it. It is important that you make an appointment before you arrive. A visit to the Haven includes a tour of the project and the opportunity to meet with staff and clients. You can ask questions and we can arrange for your participation in our activities if you have a special project you are involved with or if you wish to fundraise for us. For more information about this see also the fundraising page.

I was lucky enough to shadow for a morning at the Haven Project in Colchester. It was incredible to see the synergy between the clients and the staff . I also got the chance to speak to the clients who were happy to share their stories and their personal journeys. Every client spoke highly of the Haven Project and it was clear that the project was a strong support structure to the clients’ day-to-day wellbeing. I think the Haven is a fantastic project and would love to visit again to see more of its vital work.

Mary Brading, Psychology student, visiting the Haven Project, December 2015.

As a student Police Constable with Essex Police, I spent the morning at the Haven Project as part of my community engagement. During the time I spent there the work I saw Pernille and her team undertake was very beneficial to the users of the Haven Project. I took a lot away from the visit and the positive effect it has on its users.

Chris Bixby, Student Police Constable, Essex Police, September 2015.

” It was a first for me in terms of visiting an organisation focused specifically on personality disorder and so all the more interesting and I was very impressed with your work and dedication notwithstanding the difficulties and the funding problems.”

Vincent Thompson, The High Sheriff of Essex. Spring 2016