Services at the Haven:

Weekly recovery and therapeutic support programme

Recovery Groups:

We have five weekly groups that deliver recovery work to our clients. There are two sessions that help clients build their emotional resilience and two that focus on physical and mental wellbeing. At the weekend there is a skills and craft group which develop talents and share skills. Please click on the link to the leaflets for more information. The current programmes are also available on a link here. In addition, we have two afternoons where we develop social networking skills through our friendship group.

Life skills Programme February 2018

Wellbeing Programme from January 2018


Skills and Crafts


During the afternoons clients can see our support worker for 1:1 . This helps to sustain recovery and for some pursuing their recovery at this more private level is key to making progress. The Mental Health Recovery Star is an effective and motivating way to encourage clients and to demonstrate outcomes and our effectiveness.

2018 outcomes star

Crisis Prevention at the Haven:

We have a telephone service between 5 and 8 pm Sunday through to and including Thursday. During that time clients can also come in if they feel that a 1:1 would be more helpful in making them feel safe. In addition, we have outreach where we visit clients if and when they may have special difficulties getting to us.

Crisis Prevention service NEW