Why You Should:

This as about Jack. When he was 9 years old he was taken to visit his uncle. He was looking forward to it.

But  his uncle had some friends and they all had their turn with him that weekend. Jack now dreaded weekends in case he was taken to see his uncle again. Crying, sore and confused he was forced to promise never to tell.

At school he could not talk about what he had been doing most weekends. His school friends began to think he was odd, the teachers thought he was quiet.

As an adult Jack has had great difficulty trusting people and forming close relationships. He thinks he is worthless. Why else would his family have sexually abused him over and over again? He finds daily living tortuous and would often harms himself.

At the Haven he finally found a place where he mattered- where his recovery was valued and he made progress. If you think Jack and people like him have already suffered enough you can help sustain his recovery. A gift of just £5.00 would help to support the group work and individual support essential for his recovery.

86% of Haven clients have a similar history to Jack.

One of many!

2017 Haven promotion what we are about.

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How You Can:

If you want to donate please follow the PayPal button at the bottom of the page.

If you have any ideas about fundraising for us please contact us.

There are many different ways you can help us which will potentially raise a lot of money and will be great fun for you to organise and to take part in with your friends and family.

For instance:

  • Have a gourmet meal for two at £5.00  and bring your own basket for two to exchange. Great surprise, great company and good income.
  • Organise a fun run in costumes : Animals, Shakespearian, Les Miserables- whatever takes your fancy. Get your friends to sponsor you for making a fool of yourself- Why not? No one will know !
  • Have a ball: literally. It is not that difficult and can be a lot of fun both to organise and to take part in. There are many suppliers who are willing to do cut price deals for good causes.
  • But whatever it is you want to do, let us know and we can help you.

Recent initiatives:

  • Dr Spooner’s sponsored walk along the Stour: raised over £1,500.
  • Family fun day arranged by one of client carers raise nearly £300
  • Car boot sales by clients raised nearly £1,000
  • We were proposed for the Colchester Carnival and the event raised £4,170 for us; you can propose us for your local organisation or business.
  • We are now a charity ( as of 18th October 2016  ) and we will soon have a Gift Aid form for donors to use if they are tax payers. This adds 25% – in most cases – to the amount. This means that £100 given returns £125 to the Haven.
  • Festival of Healthy Activities  18/6/ -10/7 2017 : We are in full swing: 2017 festival of healthy activities appeal This raised just over £1,000 and took us on a 1000 miles journey.
  • We have received a £7,500 grant from the Essex Community Foundation and a further £7,500 from the Tudor Trust.
  • From July to December 2017 client activities have raised £4,333.88 ! Very well done !

What does your money buy:

  • £5 can provide support on the phone when someone might be tempted to self-harm or overdose: You can prevent it !
  • £15 provides a recovery group session  which helps people to recognise their difficulties and find positive ways to deal with them with the help from other clients: You can support it!
  • £35 gives someone a chance to heal the deeper wounds left by the past through 1:1 therapy sessions: You can make it happen!

Donate Now

To donate, please click the PayPal button and enter an amount. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOW A CHARITY 1169747

Pernille is doing a triathlon as a challenge to raise money for the Haven. Paul G and Zoe will soon appear on TotalGiving too.